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Rajwadi Elegance Thewa Jewellery Choker set

Rajwadi Elegance Thewa Jewellery Choker set

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Original Thewa jewellery crafted by Raghav Rajsoni, this Art piece is inspired by Collection of Art of Thewa dedicate to Newly weds and upcoming brides, for their Special occasions this piece is a stunning piece that embodies the opulence and artistry of Indian jewelry. that has 7 Round shapes and its crafted in 23kt gold work on glass and silver Gold plated framing . 

Special Art work Recognised by Govt. of India as GI tagged product. and 8 Times national award winning art work

1- Rajwadi Choker: The centerpiece is a choker necklace that sits snugly around the neck, reflecting the grandeur of Rajwadi style

2- Thewa Artwork: The choker incorporates Thewa art, a unique technique where a paper thin Sheet of gold, of the same size as the glass is cut and a free hand sketch of floral, historical, animal motifs is made on it by special tools.
 colored glass is meticulously embedded into the jewelry base. This creates vibrant and intricate designs.

3. Sterling silver gold plated framing 
The Art work on glass is the step after which it is decided to make it in 22ct gold or Silver gold plated. and thus the desired piece of glass is encased in a frame of gold Plated sterling silver (92.5). 

4. Multiple color variations
The Colour of glasses used in our art work are like red, green, blue, white, brown, Black.

5. Precious Beading-
The Beading of this Set is done with Precious Garnet 2.5mm stones which given exceptional look the piece. 

6- Jewelry Set: The set likely includes matching earrings, to complete the royal look.

Length- 12 inch choker , Weight- 35 grams
Size- Adjustable
Colour- Red 
Plating- 22k Gold Micron Plating 
Material- 23 kt Gold work on glass and sterling silver Framing 

This set is perfect for special occasions like weddings, festivals, or any event where you want to make a grand statement.
You will receive the necklace in a Art of Thewa Handcrafted box.
As this is a handmade product it is very rare to create identical items.

Vintage & unique

Thewa art is historically linked to Pratapgarh Rajasthan . The Art of Thewa was recognised by Maharawat Sawant Singh in 1761 when he bestowed craftsman Nathu Lal ji Soni with the tittle of RAJSONI . Thewa work is done with the help of a pen - like tool called tankla . It is almost like a painting of gold on glass background.

Certificate of Authenticity

We provide GI certified products with a authenticity certificate in it.

Care Guide

Kindly avoid from direct use of oil, chemical and water .


Worldwide shipping available.

Genuine Price

We Believe in supporting the art craft and its sustainability.
Part of our price goes towards the upliftment of Artisan in Thewa and it’s family.

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