Art of Thewa, a 400-year-old Rajasthani jewellery tradition, features real gold work on multicolor glass, showcasing intricate designs depicting romance, bravery, and Indian culture. Historically favored by royalty, Thewa is now an integral part of Rajput wedding traditions. Globally recognized, Thewa craftsmen have earned national and international acclaim, with their creations displayed in esteemed museums. Led by Raghav Raj Soni as a 6th Generation Artist, Art of Thewa handicrafts aims to revive this traditional handicraft, adapting it to contemporary tastes and preserving its faded glory.

Nathu ji Soni invented the process; the secrets of the craft that passed directly from father to son over the generations remains in the family only.

The Rajsoni family, known as "Raj-Sonis," has upheld the thewa art craft for generations, originating 400 years ago in Pratapgarh, Rajasthan. The founder of this unique art form NathuLal Soni was conferred the title of "RAJ SONI" (Royal Goldsmith) by Maharaja Sumant Singh.

And the most renowned Artist Mahesh Raj Soni, who received the Padma Shri Award in 2015. Following Mahesh ji’s passing in 2019, his son Raghav Rajsoni continues the family legacy, introducing new designs. The family displays their artwork in Jaipur and Pratapgarh, earning recognition such as the Only artisan to become the Winner of International handicrafts award in Kazakhstan.

Lt. Shri Mahesh Raisoni was a well known Thewa Artist from Rajasthan.-. Born on May 21, 1954, Shri Rajsoni graduated from Rajasthan University in 1976. Instead of joining govt. service he chose to continue with his family's ancestral art form. The Rajsoni family has been practising this art form for the last 400 years. He has been practising Thewa art for the past 42 years.

-. In order to preserve and bring recognition to Thewa art, Shri Rajsoni secured Geographical Indication Registry from the Govt. of India. He was working as Member, Vice- President and treasurer of Rajasthan Thewa kala Sansthan. He brought fame to the art by not only working on the age-old designs, but also by creating new designs.

.- Shri Rajsoni has participated in many state level and other handicraft exhibitions held in Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Udaipur, Kota and Jodhpur organized by Govt. of India. He has also participated in the International Trade Fare held at Pragati Maidan New Delhi in 1982. He has also visited Sri lanka and South Africa in order to propagate this art form.

-. Shri Rajsoni has received various awards and honours including National Award in 2008; State award in 1984 and International award by Sri Lankan government in 2011. His name also appeared in Limca Book of Record - National Record 2011 & India Book of Record 2014.

About Art of Thewa Handicrafts

Raghav Raj Soni's journey into the world of jewellery and craftsmanship is a tale woven with family tradition and boundless passion. Born into a lineage deeply rooted in the artistry of Thewa jewelry, Raghav grew up surrounded by the exquisite creations of his Thewa artisan family.

From a tender age, he was drawn to the allure of this ancient craft, sensing that he was destined to be a part of it."I instantly knew it was something that I wanted to be a part of, which is why I took this step to create our brand, Art of Thewa by Raghav Raj Soni, for Modern Thewa Jewellery,"Raghav fondly recalls.

Introduction: Crafting a Legacy in Thewa Jewellery

Raghav's innate passion for jewellery blossomed at a young age. His formative years were steeped in the artistry of Thewa jewellery, thanks to his father and grandfather, who were masters of their craft.

He eagerly assisted them in their work, laying the foundation for his own creative journey. During his college days, Raghav began honing his design skills, particularly in the realm of Thewa Kala jewellery.

After conceptualizing designs, he sought the invaluable guidance of his father, Padma Shri Mahesh Raj Soni, who imparted invaluable insights for refining the designs. Despite his young age, Raghav cherished the structured feedback he received, as it cultivated his appreciation for jewellery design and the artistry that lay behind it.

Preservation of Cultural Heritage

India, renowned for its rich cultural heritage, inspired Raghav to take on the responsibility of showcasing this ancient art form on the international stage. He believed that the world deserved to experience the magnificence of Thewa jewellery, and this conviction fuelled his determination to establish the Art of Thewa brand. He always love to expand the knowledge of his art craft by sharing it with young talented designing students or people in jewelry industry.

Educational Background and Brand Expansion

Raghav Raj Soni's educational background played a significant role in shaping his path. He pursued a bachelor’s in commerce (B. Com), providing him with a strong foundation in business and economics. His legal acumen was further enriched by attaining an LLB degree. Raghav's pursuit of excellence in the luxury brand management field was driven by his desire to extend the reach of Art of Thewa. He enrolled in a Luxury Brand Management program, which equipped him with the skills and knowledge necessary to expand his brand's presence globally.

Raghav Raj Soni's dedication to preserving the ancient Thewa artform led to remarkable achievements. He was honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his unwavering commitment to crafting exemplary modern pieces while upholding this age-old tradition.

He proudly represented India at international craft exhibitions, including the Taraz Kazakhstan international craft exhibition, where he clinched the coveted winner's prize in the Taraz Breath of Art competition. Raghav's artistry also graced Namaste France in Paris,further establishing his global presence.

In recognition of his phenomenal contribution to the world of art, he received the Golden Arc Award in 2021, solidifying his reputation as an artist of exceptional calibre.

The journey of Thewa jewellery began in the small town of Pratapgarh, Rajasthan, in 1761, with Raghav's forefathers. Today, Art of Thewa has extended its roots to Jaipur, as itendeavours to reach beyond geographical boundaries.

Through this journey, Raghav Raj Soni has learned the value of patience and the necessity of expertise honed over decades. He acknowledges the invaluable legacy of his family's knowledge and craftsmanship, which has enabled him to create intricate and complex artpieces.

"We want to be exceptional, not in a conceited way, but to do things well and that being our key part of our journey," Raghav expresses. He believes that every individual has their unique path, and there is no right or wrong as long as it aligns with one's beliefs.With Art of Thewa, Raghav Raj Soni has not only preserved a cherished tradition but has also taken it to new heights, ensuring that the legacy of Thewa jewellery continues to shinebrightly in the world of art and craftsmanship.