Tribute to My Father Shri Mahesh Rajsoni.

You were born in the year 1954 in Pratapgarh, a very high state of Rajasthan, in the well-known Thewa art family of this city. Your birth laid the foundation for changing the future of this art and you have made this art famous all over the world by receiving awards like National Award, State Award, and Padma Shri (India's fourth highest civilian award) in your life. You Always worked on this goal that you can take this art to the whole world and make it a popular art. Considering your goal as my goal, after learning this art from you i shifted from Pratapgarh to the Pink city Jaipur, with your blessings, I am working on that goal so that this art reaches the people of the whole world. And praise for the skill you have taught. I feel very happy when customers buy the art designed by me and appreciate the skills you have taught me.

For me, that is everything that I get from people from outside and here in Jaipur for the last 2 years. This love, support, and trust from the customer is the foundation of everything you and your life have taught. I like to accept and do that in my life and feel more excited to pursue your goal. Today you are not physically present here.

But you are always with me in this place where I have tried to keep your life story and achievements alive in the form of a picture. Mr. Mahesh Rajsoni was an Indian Master Craftsman specialising in the traditional art of thewa. He was so dedicated towards his art legacy that he was awarded for the Best Handicraft Craftsman Award.

Mr Mahesh Rajsoni received the award in 2008 from Pratibha Devi Singh Patil (President of India) for Excellency in Thewa art. This award is given to recognize a person who has made a special contribution in the field of Art, Profession, Business persons of India.

He brought fame to the art by not only working on the age-old designs, but also by creating new designs. To promote and propagate the Indian Handicraft.

Indian handicrafts Fair 2011 Sri lanka, Shri Mahesh Rajsoni while representing thewa art in this fair got a chance to welcome the Textile minister of Sri Lanka government. He had a dream to support and promote all the Indian handicraft and handloom from one destination.

He is a member of Rajasthan Thewa Kala Sansthan and has featured in the limca world of book records in its 2011 edition.Soni, who is a cancer survivor, was honoured by the government of india in 2015 with Padma shri, the fourth highest Indian civilian award. In 2018 Shri Mahesh Rajsoni Won Bharat Gaurav award in British Parliament London,UK. And he is the only person who got to see the actual Thewa art piece present in the museum of london.

I am Raghav Raj Soni, founder and designer of Art of Thewa 1761. I feel that each generation brings something new to the family business and I feel that I have to expand our operations. Being born into the world of jewelry and craft, I have always loved it. I grew up seeing my family’s devotion to creating such magnificent jewelry and instantly knew it was something that I wanted to be a part of, which is why I am taking this step to create our brand Art of Thewa 1761 to showcase this rare art work.

I had a knack for jewelry at a young age. I believe my passion comes from spending so much time around beautiful jewelry crafted by my father and my grandfather and helping out from a young age. I eventually began drawing from the initial days of my college, my designs as I have always loved the creative side of jewelry that you can always have a new one. I would then take my designs to my father, “PADMA SHRI” Mahesh Rajsoni, who would give me ideas on how to improve them and explain what I needed to do before he could make the final piece. He was honoured with Padmashri award by president of india. He Also was a National awarded 2008 master craftsman. Even though I was just a child, he would always talk to me as I was an adult. I think receiving structured feedback helped me gain an appreciation for designing jewelry and shaped my ideas. When a brand gives your name an added recognition, it feels that everything is working well. I have also learned Luxury brand management from the London school of arts to put across my work to every corner.

Art of Thewa 1761 is the brand presenting every form of Thewa Art products, aiming to have a colorful future with authentic touches in grip. My forefathers started the journey of this beautifully handcrafted jewelry form from the small town of Rajasthan, Pratapgarh in 1761, and today with its extended roots in the heart of Rajasthan, Jaipur, here the Crafting Studio is trying to reach beyond boundaries. The journey from Pratapgarh to Jaipur has taught me one thing in detail that it took a long time to get this just right and it requires the expertise of master jewelers with many years of experience at the bench. I am fortunate to have decades of my family's knowledge and craftsmanship behind me to be able to produce complex pieces like these.

Work experience or about our business.

Thewa Art - Coloured Kanch Par Sone Ki Karigari.

The best say about Thewa is "A piece of art that radiates the magnificence of royal heritage, upholds the luxury of ethnic vintage artifacts & jewelry & elates the heart of every woman, who owns it, with stately grandeur ". Having its roots in the land of Rajasthan, an epicenter of romance, chivalry, art & culture, this exquisite art form was first designed here by the local goldsmith and has preserved its ethnic value since the Mughal Era. The technique of making intricate & subtle Thewa artwork mastered & preserved by the generation of the goldsmith's family, exhibit motifs designed in gold that depicts the themes of Radha Krishna, expresses the tales of bravery & romance of legendary maharajas, flora & fauna, animal figures, Indian culture "Barat“ etc.

Art of Thewa has gained recognition all over the world, with its craftsmen honored with national acclaims and international awards including UNESCO. This art holds its place in various museums including The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, The Victoria & Albert, etc. The store aims to nurture & bring in varied dimensions to this treasured Indian handicraft of 17th century “The Thewa Art”. Our efforts drive to restore the fainted glory of this traditional handicraft with the style that will aptly suit the trends & tastes of the present generation.

Further Plans & Expectations

Art of Thewa uses digital media to convey information, shape brand identity, and build customer relationships. We are also planning to come up with our personalized app in the future soon as consumers are increasingly comfortable shopping online for jewelry—more so since the pandemic—and are much more likely to make high-ticket purchases online than five years ago. Having navigated the world of e-commerce in different doses, Art of Thewa wants to connect the ever-growing need for authentic and royal designs for men’s and women’s globally. We think that jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique and keeping this thing in mind we are going ahead and making timelessly chic & elegant pieces. We expect our store to make more amends with the overseas customers and also to design more & more pieces that our customers adore.

At Art of Thewa, we seek to strengthen and differentiate our brand through unique, distinctive designs. We have also started customization long back to serve our customers the best they want. The knowledge passed down from my father has succeeded me and is more valuable than I can ever explain!

I’ve been working hard at Art of Thewa for over 7 years now and for the future I want it to be global and successful. I expect my co-workers to understand, believe, and stick by our quality every day, and in every delivery, is one of our biggest challenges. A lot of hard work and dedication to achieving excellence. We want to be exceptional, not in a conceited way, but to do things well and that being our journey.

"One of the key things, one just has their own way and in what you believe in, there is no right or wrong way.”

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